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Valos House of Candy was established By Theodore “Ted” Vasilopus in 1947. The name Valos was a play on Ted’s last name—Vasilopus. He began his candy making journey in Chicago in the 1930’s working for his uncles chocolate company for many years. Shortly after returning home after World War II Ted set out to open his own company here . His uncle assisted him by providing some essential “used candy making equipment” and Valos was born.

Ted and his wife Rose operated Valos House of Candy for many years until Rose’s death in 1984. Valos was closed until in 1986 when John Mandak purchased Valos and Ted’s knowledge and expertise were part of the deal.

Ted and john worked side by side for three years and all the “Art Forms” and secrets of the Candy Company were passed on. With the relocation of the retail store to its current location at 2009 Freeport Road, Arnold, Valos House of Candy officially became Valos Chocolates.

Business Hours :

Retail Store

Regular Business Hours

Mon - Sat: 10AM - 5 PM
Closed Sundays

Extended Holiday Season
Mon - Sat: 9AM to 8PM
Closed Sundays

Find Us At:
2009 Freeport Road
Arnold, Pa. 15068

Phone : 724-339-2261
Fax : 724-339-3137

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