Easily earn 40% profit on your sales!

Sales from 0 - $1000.00 earn 30%

$1000.01 - $2500.00 earn 35%

Sales over $2500.00 earn 40% 


Our Job? 

  • We package each order individually per seller.
  • We try to make it as easy as possible for your group.
Missing items, broken items (oh no!) Not a problem! Not only is your profit guaranteed…..but so are our chocolates! We handle any and all problems directly.

Your Job?
  • Simply distribute the fundraiser order forms.
  • Collect the monies and forms.
  • Return the fundraiser forms to us.

Give us a call at 724-339-2261

Best of all, the quality of our product will make participants happy and unlike many fundraisers, our items are NOT OVERPRICED!


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